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Introduction to Natural Time (Galactic Time)

A new year begins July 26! That’s right, a new year and NOT on January 1st. How is this possible?!?!

May I introduced you to NATURAL TIME. It is a measurement of time that incorporates our WHOLE body system and our connection with Earth and all of this particular galaxy.


We have been defining Time as space and not realizing that because Time is truly 4th-dimensional, it is of the Mind, and therefore unlimited, non-linear, and “Art”. This course will teach you how to work in Natural Time.

This self-paced course allows you to:

  • Get familiar with your galactic signature
  • Learn how to calculate and decode your galactic signature and any day of the week
  • Learn the glyphs and what each day offers
  • Learn how natural time can help you determine the best days to conduct business, make trades, purchase items, or relax
  • Learn the 13 moons and what makes up the natural time calendar such as the tones, pulsars, and much moreimage
  • Learn the importance of the Day Out of Time, Galactic Activation Portal Days, Core Days and more
  • Learn how to interact with your sense of time
  • Learn how to create daily affirmations based the day’s frequency
  • See the connection with our DNA codons, the I-Ching and the cosmic matrix known as the Tzolkin
  • Learn the difference between the artificial or mechanical time and natural or galactic time
  • Learn basic history of the making of the Gregorian calendar
  • Get a free full-colored wall calendar (value: $25)

This course is designed to get you acquainted with natural time and the fundamental ways to incorporate it into your life to help you with your life’s work.

Receive a FREE full-colored wall calendar that is full of information! It includes the gregorian days, the glyphs, moon phases, and all tools to help you with the energies of each day. *You are able to purchase the calendar without signing up for the course.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign-up for the course today!

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A percentage of the course is donated to the Foundation for the Law of Time organization.

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