A Green (R)evolution

2. Establishing Healthy Diets

A wide variety of green ingredients are available to boost the nutritional profile of people’s diets/lifestyles.

Wheatgrass, spirulina and kale have been around for a long time. Green supplements are full of nutrients, are low in sugar, are very alkalizing and can help to balance dietary acids. In this day and age people are looking for ways to optimize their health. -Margaret Gomes, Marketing Director, NP Nutra
Even though these supplements are not meant to replace food, the green products could enhance peoples’ diets.
“There are other nutrient dense green foods such as the leaves from the Moringa tree and leaves of other nutrient-dense plants. Of course, the most common green foods are kale, spinach and other leafy green. Other vegetables like broccoli and green beans are also green foods.”Ron Seibold, Co-Founder, Pines International, Inc.

For those looking for nutrient density, Mr. Seibold recommended looking to “cereal grasses” such as wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass and rye grass, in addition to algae (spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae) and alfalfa leaf.

There’s an uprising in popularity among several green food products. http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/green-leafy-vegetables.jpgAccording to Lary Blitz, President of Green Source Organics,

We are experiencing increased demand in our organic green algae, juiced grasses and vegetable powders, specifically spirulina, chlorella, wheat, alfalfa, barley, and broccoli, kale and spinach.

Green ingredients are not only popular for their rich vitamin and mineral profile; green leafy vegetables provide an essential source of dietary fiber, benefiting digestion, weight management and cardiovascular health.

As confirmed by Mr. Seibold, the darker green a vegetable, the more nutrient and powerful it is.  However, a whole food version of any green vegetable will look lighter green in the dried form than the dried juice of that green vegetable because whole green foods contain vegetable fiber, which lightens the dried version compared to dried juice.

What’s lacking most in modern diets that is most important is prebiotics and vegetable fiber.

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