Spring Cleansings

We find that every season is a great time to cleanse. When moving from one season to a new one, cleanses have been beneficial for the body to acclimate and fully enjoy the new season it’s in. Food is different in each season, and whatever may be ‘stuck’ in the body from a previous season can increase chances of lower immunity, higher dis-ease symptoms, and many other factors that can keep you from enjoying the season you’re in.

Springtime is a season we love to remind you of how important seasonal cleansings are. Spring is a season of renewal, rebirth, regenerating, reconnecting, and simply starting fresh and new. What a perfect time to adopt a new habit and start your seasonal cleansing routine, now, this spring!

Please consult with your healthcare professionals on any heath-related problem you may have to come up with the best course of action for you to take to bring your body to a state of balance and health. During the months of March, April, and May, we like to focus on the colon, liver, and skin. We work on the cleansing the colon first because here is where a lot of your toxins and waste will be eliminated.

If the colon is compacted, we will have a problem in eliminating. In fact, a system backup will cause toxins to be released throughout your body which is a huge problem. From smelly breath to fowl odors from all perspiring areas, your body will be a walking sewage-filled port-a-potty. The skin will look dull and chalky, and sometimes unexplained breakouts. Your overall health will be susceptible to allergies, colds/flu, and inflammation throughout the body.

When the colon is open (not blocked/constipated) and healthy and strong, it eliminates properly and allows the rest of the body to release toxins as often as possible. Click To Tweet

Now that we have the colon functioning properly, it’s time to focus on the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs to be sure to keep toxin-free at all costs. This organ is a hidden secret to healing only because it’s so awesome at pulling toxins from your entire body system and regenerating itself overnight (sheer awesomeness)! Yet, if we don’t take care of this organ, it can dysfunction and cause MANY problems that will cause us to treat symptoms of an illness/dis-ease and not the root cause of why the problem even exists. Healing the liver is overlooked by many, and the cause of so many disruptions in the body when it goes unhealed.

The liver goes through a tremendous amount of stress while regenerating when it is full of toxins. Toxins come from many different sources such as the air quality inside of your home and outside, the water quality going into your body and cleaning your body, the quality of your food grown from the earth, the quality of the way the food is cooked, the products used in and around your environment, and the quality of your thoughts and actions. All of the elements of nature is affected and liver is impacted by it all. When the liver is under attack, your body is also. Click To Tweet

The stress then takes over your body and inflammation, thyroid issues, anxiety, ulcers, allergies, hair loss, over- and under- weight issues and so many other ‘STUFF’ happens and all of these symptoms get treated. Each and every one of these dis-eases get treated for just that symptom and not once is the liver treated. Now that these symptoms are being treated with medication (whether it’s pharmaceutical or herbal medicines), all of this goes straight to the liver causing even more toxicity in the liver for it to have to work double-time to cure from. Every now and then, the liver will luck up on an herb during these treatments that will actually help it heal. Yet, it’s still not enough to relieve the stress it’s under.

So, we like to urge you to please take your liver into consideration all of the time. This Spring is a great time to support your liver healing. Get the herbs, food, and toxin-free products that will help your liver heal and regenerate without stress in order to provide your body the protection it needs to fight against dis-ease and illnesses.

Now with the colon strong and purging and the liver healthy and free, your body will show it with no real effort. And the Spring time is another great time to get that skin and hair ‘a glowing! With the skin being the largest organ of the body, it LOVES to purge. Treat yourself to a salon that will treat your skin golden! If you don’t have a regular esthetician, why not get one?! Find a salon that will treat you to great body brushing or scrubs, mud baths, facials, steam rooms/saunas and even hair care. Get a good regimen going for your skin and hair to properly eliminate toxins from the pores and hair follicles.