A Green (R)evolution

Throughout time, we’ve noticed how society embraces different diets and ways of life in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Some times these urges happen when a new season comes about. Most times it happens when health has been threaten. Whatever the case is, we encourage healing from all sorts; and diet changes are most important. One diet change we find most effective and easy to incorporate in any nutritional plan and lifestyle is eating more green foods. CLEAN AND GREEN!

In this topic, we will share how this green (r)evolution is taking shape and how to ease it into your daily lifestyle. Although green plants and vegetables provide a host of critical micro-nutrients to the body, offering essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, it’s still a struggle for most people to get a sufficient amount of greens in their regular diet. We aim to support those seeking out natural, organic, or ‘clean-label’ nutraceuticals with ingredients derived from plants.

“More people than ever before realize how important vegetables are in their diet. In terms of number of products, the green food market is definitely growing. It seems like nearly every company now has at least one green food or green food blend.”Ron Seibold, Co-Founder, Pines International, Inc.
According to a 2011 Harris Interactive Study, there is a growing number of vegetarians in the U.S. – accounting for 5% of the population (nearly 16 million people) of which half are vegan. This has led to a rise in plant-based products. The study has also reported that 33% of Americans are making an effort to incorporate some vegan and vegetarian meals into their diet more often.

Innova Market Insights reported a 22% increase in global product launches with vegetarian positioning from 2013-2014, while 47% of people in the U.S. reported increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables over the last year. Even vegetable flavors are trending, according to Innova, as wide variety of juices, shakes and snacks are now boasting green ingredients to health conscious people. As green lifestyles go mainstream, suppliers are working hard to offer convenient and effective products targeting this emerging audience.

Mr. Ron Seibold sees this competitive marketplace as proof that people now recognize green food supplements – including dehydrated green food powders, capsules, tablets – as well as functional foods and beverages as valuable tools for improving their diet and overall health.

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