Teeccino’s Mediterranean flavors contain golden roasted almonds that create a rich, nutty flavor yet don’t add any fat to a cup of Teeccino. Almonds are nutritionally dense food and contribute to the potassium in brewed Teeccino. They also have one of the highest contents of vitamin E of any commonly eaten foods. Along with their content of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, almonds make a heart-healthy and nutritious food.


Almonds also contain significant quantities of antioxidants including proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and flavonoids called catechins that are also in green tea. Studies suggest that almonds have increased antioxidant potency by the synergistic combination of over 20 flavonoids with vitamin E, all in one little nut.

Almond groves have been planted in the Central Valley of California, which has now become the largest growing region for almonds in the world. Teeccino’s almonds are harvested and roasted in California.