Nutrition, Health, and Helpers

I’m the first that will say for a healthy-whole body, proper nutrition is the best medicine FIRST! When the body gets proper nutrition throughout the day on a daily basis, it does all of the work to keep you healthy and strong. Your cells are able to heal at a moments notice without you even knowing of an attack on your body. This also goes for your mental and emotional bodies. When you go through a trauma or emotional pain, your damaged cells start instantly repairing the areas in your body to keep stress levels down, even strokes and heart attacks from happening. Proper nutrition is ALWAYS your best medicine along with healthy modalities for mental and emotional healing.

Can’t seem to see the forest for the trees?

And what about when the food isn’t helping and you are ‘sick’?

We know that is a result of improper eating, emotional and mental dysfunctions which cause a lot of toxins in the body. When the body goes into a ‘sick’ state, it is detoxing itself. You can either get help with that from vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy; all depending on if you are experiencing a physical, emotional, or spiritual ‘sickness’. In states of emergency, of course, we have doctors and hospitals to go to for support and instant relief. This is what they are here for.

So many of us tend to run to vitamins/mineral supplements, herbs, etc on a daily basis; not even given your food the time to replace these vitamins and minerals into our bodies naturally.

Did you know your body MAKES these vitamins and minerals you’re taking?

Yes! YOUR body makes vitamins and minerals on a daily; and if you aren’t naturally producing it, the food that you eat will help your body produce it by just adding what’s needed to allow your body to finish the process! Did you know how awesome you are already?!?! It is from you and Earth that we scientists learn about these vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to recreate them in order to replace what’s depleted in you. 

When your body is lacking any vitamin or mineral, you can use the supplements to help replace it. It’s still important, though, to eat a proper diet to allow your body to continue to produce on its own. Too much [vitamins/minerals] will damage your body. So don’t be in a rush to just take supplements! The other problem along with taking excessive amounts of supplements is the combinations of the foods are imbalanced. Awareness is a GREAT healer! Click To Tweet The more you are aware of yourself, the better you will be able to heal your body when needed.

I’d like to share some time and energy on this science of Nutrition with you, and provide information and sources that continues to help me on my journey along my nutritional path (The Nutritional Forest). It is most important to be aware and understand this science in its totality in conjunction with forming a relationship with a Nutritionist in order to have a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

In the following weeks, I will share information on:

  • Nutrition and Digestion
  • Powering Your Body – Info on Cells, Energy, and Food
  • Starches, Fats, and Proteins
  • Water, Vitamins, Minerals, Salt
  • Total Body Nutrition
  • Nutrition Choices and Health Including Energy Imbalances

In this Nutritional Forest, my hope is for you to be able to see the forest even with the trees with more understanding of how nutrition works for you and with your health.

Feel free to join the journey!