Vibrations in Health

One of the most brilliant minds to have left behind valuable information was that of the famous Albert Einstein. If we look into his message, we can see a great deal more than the invention of an atomic bomb; something so volatile that it changed the course of humankind and possibly much in the atmosphere or universe that we will for some time to come attempt to monitor for its ramifications.

What we learned from Einstein is that the smallest particle identified as the atom, is ever moving and ever changing, and has the possibility of having the energy “split”, creating new forms of energy. This is  the endless and infinite motion of energy which never stops, but transforms and transmutes in and of its own consciousness. Being that everything in existence has an atomic weight and consists of multiple atoms, we therefore realize that everything has an energy. Every energy, due to its constant movement, however slow or fast, also has a vibration.

ew-earthbodyNatural Law shows us that everything found in nature has a compatible energy or vibration found in the human body. In relation to herbs, at least 2,000 of these plants have been identified as having a particular compatibility with an energy or vibration in the human body. Therefore, these have the ability to assist in the tonification of the vibration in the human body. Just as one might call upon a piano or “organ” tuner to tune or “tone” a musical instrument, herbs living plants, and live foods help to regenerate energy in the human body and it’s organs and tune or “tone” them to “play” or function at their highest capacity without hindrance.

The more dense the object for tonification, the more subtle its tonifying properties. The less dense, the more obvious the tonifying qualities. So which is better? This depends upon what we want to tonify, how long the imbalance or the out-of-tune condition has been in place and how intense its presence.

One may wish to gradually return the body to homeostasis or balance. The most strategic point to this, is that it prevents what is know as “healing crisis”. This means, that as one aspect of the body is targeted for tuning or toning, the next area is being set for the same process. When we begin to set the whole mechanism in a system for receiving a higher vibration or frequency, all parts may not be able to handle such intense change simultaneously.

A perfect analogy is to view a piano-tuner. Each key is manipulated, tuned, and turned to emit the perfect vibration, before moving to the next. It would be impossible to tune all at the same time without the use of high tech computerized equipment (does that exists?), or we would end up with a discordant mixture of sounds and vibrations. When we tune one system within the larger system, we then allow ourselves the opportunity to know which step is to be taken next. Interestingly enough, each key on a piano is referred to as either a whole or half note or step.

To move step by step in healing, restoration, and tonification is a methodical and practical approach to balancing and harmonizing the human instrument. Whatever vibration you are wishing to achieve, we wish you health and happiness on your journey to a perfect paradise of planetary harmony and balance.

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