Whole System Approach

Welcome to your healing journey. During your journey, we take you through steps of healing four bodies: the spiritual body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the physical body.

In creating, we understand that creation starts in the spiritual body. Before anything is physically manifested, it is created in the Spirit realm first. Before the ailment or imbalance within your body was manifested and discovered, there were a series of creations happening in each body. Your physical body shows the evidence of what lies in the other bodies.

Through this process, we will go through and work on healing ALL of these bodies to be sure we get to the root cause and bring everything back to balance.

Spiritual Body -> Emotional Body -> Mental Body -> Physical Body
The spiritual and emotional bodies are forms of Being. The mental and physical bodies are forms of Doing.

First, we work on the spriritual body.

Spiritual Body
[The House of your Spirit]

Usually when there are any type of dis-eases-aliments-imbalances in the body, we know there are spiritual clouds throughout the spiritual body; usually in the area the of the imbalances. Spiritual clouds are blockages that build up over time. They physically manifest as toxins/cysts/tumors/any dis-eases in the rest of the bodies. Here is where we connect with the Divine and disperse the clouds. It is also where your other bodies will go through some major purging; almost as if this work is making things worse instead of better. Stick with it! It is important to trust the process and build your faith. The more you work on dispersing the clouds, the easier all of your bodies will purge and purify. Energy healers such as Reiki and Johrei practitioners are great at supporting you in dispersing spiritual clouds. Also spiritual leaders can guide you through a spiritual journey.

Emotional Body
[The House of your Soul]

The emotional body is usually overlooked when bodies of healing are mentioned; yet it is one of the hidden causes of recurring dis-eases and imbalances. Your emotional body holds all of the feelings which are the activators of your actions. We are conditioned to put judgments on feelings, creating emotions. This contains the feeling and limits the true, free flow of the whole feeling. Emotions are feelings with judgement attached causing them to be limited, yet easily to explain to others how you ‘feel’. In healing the emotional body, it’s best to become aware of your emotions. Acknowledge, thank, and release – that’s the plan of action. Once we are able to release the limits, we can enjoy a full feeling in it’s wholeness and purest form. Life coaches are great supporters in identifying and helping you become aware of your emotions to help support you in properly handling and healing them.

Mental Body
[The House of your Mind]

The mental body is governed by the spiritual and emotional bodies. Your feelings are integrated in your mind – your full mind body (the mind covers your entire body, not just your head area); guiding your thoughts. What you think is a product of your mind. From this, habits are formed; this your first active thing that you do to create. When you change your mind, thoughts, and habits, you change your life. Many different mental imbalances exist here; depression, bi-polar disorders, and eating disorders just to name a few. Depending on the degree of imbalance, there are many supporters to help you in healing your mental body. Any type of mental health doctor can assist in severe cases. For less severe cases, YOU can carry out the tasks to support you in healing yourself. First identify the habitual thought that is creating the discomfort and CHANGE THE HABIT. Create new thought patterns to create different results. Repeat your new thoughts over and over until it becomes your new normal. If you have a problem identifying the old thought patterns, ask for help from a Life Coach or contact us. Different practices of yoga are also great for healing the mental body. Contact a Yogi for support in healing.

Physical Body
[The House of your Body]

Welcome to the manifestion of your Self! This body temple is a divine piece of miracles all wrapped up as YOU. Your physical body houses the masses, toxins, any dis-ease that each of the other bodies passed down. We are able to identify the areas of discomfort in the body and provide tools to support in purging and purifying the body to bring it to a comfort state. Doctors and health practitioners are supportive in healing the physical body.

Your Healing Journey

Although this journey may not feel joyful most times, it is certainly worth the journey into your Awakening. Trust the process and learn to trust your intuition. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at any time. Thank you for Being and Doing your work!


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