Day Out of Time 2015

Well, another year is coming to an end and we are gearing up for a new year starting July 26, 2015! Here at Earth’s Works Labs, we follow the 13-moon calendar (galactic calendar). We are in sync with Natural Time and our connection to all that is. Before the new year starts, there is a beautiful day before called the Day Out of Time. It is literally a day outside of the calendar. A day not existing in ‘time’.

imageThe Day Out of Time is observed annually on July 25th. It is a day to celebrate Time as Art and to activate universal love and forgiveness. We use this time to do some inner work with releasing old habits and services that are of no use to us any longer, and replace them with new habits and productive services and people; releasing the old to welcome in the new. The energy of this day is very powerful in allowing us to easily let go and receive at an exponential rate. The energy of this day vibrates at a different frequency than any of the other days; it gives ease to letting go and allowing.

May you all receive many blessings during the new year. And take a moment to learn more about Natural Time. Our very own is providing a Natural Time course for you to receive more information, your own galactic signature, and even a free full-colored wall calendar!

OWM: Learn About Natural Time Course through Ocean Within Me Courses (OWM)
For a long while, we have been defining Time as space and not realizing that because Time is truly 4th-dimensional, it is of the Mind, and therefore unlimited, non-linear, and “Art”. This course will teach you how to work in Natural Time.

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