Shea Butter

100% Shea Butter Raw Natural PureShea butter is by far the most familiar butter to use on (and in) the body for many different reasons, and for good reason! This butter is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that is extremely helpful in supporting the integrity of the skin. It is a natural butter, that is gentle for adults and children, which is derived from nuts on one of Earth’s glorious trees called the shea tree.

Here are 3 main uses for shea butter:

  1. Skin softener and smoother: multiple essential fatty acids to prevent dryness such as stearic, linolenic, oleic, and palmitic acids; and encourages the skin to produce its own collagen which strengthens the skin and give a smoother skin texture with a reduced-wrinkle appearance and diminishing stretch marks.
  2. Moisturizer: nourishing to the skin and helps protect the skin’s own natural oils to prevent dry, cracked skin – also very helpful on children with diaper/skin rashes or sores around the rim of the nostrils, and even moisturizes dry hands and cracked feet, as well as a great hair moisturizer.
  3. Inflammation reduction: it has natural properties that can help avoid skin mutations and skin inflammation.

Shea butter uses:

  • skin elasticity
  • cuticle softener
  • hair and scalp moisturizer
  • massage butter
  • to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy or while losing weight
  • baby-care products
  • on lips
  • as a sun protection (low-grade)
  • replenish skin after sun exposure
  • add to your lotions
  • add to your soaps, and much more

Our natural shea butter is 100% raw and organic – nothing added (unless requested). We provide shea butter in the raw state as solids, whipped, mixed with castor or red palm oils, and essential oils – whatever you prefer, we can make it for you or provide you with the tools to encourage your own natural chemist to emerge for you to make it yourself! And remember…Every order you make with us, plants a tree around the world!