you are what you don’t poop

How many times a day do you poop? Yes, I know. TMI when we are just meeting, right?!! No, but really? How many times a day do you poop? Even better question…how many times a day do you eat?  How many meals do you eat a day?

Well, if you’ve talked with your doctor, nutritionist, colon therapist or  whoever your healthcare provider is mostly like they’ve told you that after each meal you need to have an episode. YES! Otherwise, constipation will be your roommate for a very long time. And how would you meet said roommate? By looking directly in the mirror.

You:: “Hello,  Constipation!”

Your Roomie: “Why HELLO! Thanks for having me.”

Here are a few things that happen when constipation moves in:

  1. Toxicity: Toxic build-up in the bowel comes from the waste and hormone byproducts that our bodies recycle. Wait! What exactly is ‘bowel’? Bowel is the lower part of the gut that includes the lower intestine and the colon and rectum. An unclean bowel leads to unclean circulating blood and as a result, unclean tissues and organs. This weakens the health of our organs, and they do not function as well as they are designed to.
  1. Diverticulitis: Diverticula are bowel pockets that are developed when too much pressure is used from straining to get the poop out. The lining of the colon pops out developing an opening where food (and other things) collects and fermenting occurs and rotting food exists.
  1. Pathogen growth:  So remember diverticula that we just mentioned above? Well the rotten food living in those pockets has the perfect home to stimulate the growth of dangerous pathogens commonly known as parasites, bacteria and fungus.
  1. Leaky gut: The toxins that’s been lingering in the lower part of your gut – the bowel – weaken the bowel wall (also known as the intestinal lining) and allows undigested food, proteins, cholesterol, fats, and more toxins to ‘leak’ through the lining into the bloodstream and lymph. Now all of that is loose in your body,  moving through to attack the health of other organs, starting with the weaker ones first.
  1. Poor energy: Energy levels need to be high in order to remove toxins, and oxygen is needed or else our energy levels are depleted. If you body is full of toxicity, then you experience poor oxygen delivery in the body causing this whole cycle to repeat all over again.

Dr. Nashua Winters, author of Metabolic Approach to Cancer, once said, “you are what you don’t poop.”

That’s a whole lot of leaky, toxic people walking around. Imagine that! (Or not!!!)

Earth is here to help!

Let’s do something about this and get more balanced, cleaner people existing around us. For extreme cases, supplemental help can assist in getting things moving.

We have gone through a number of colon cleansing products throughout the years and a few of us have hydro-colon therapy sessions. One product we found to do wonderfully on the colon and other organs is Dr. Goss’ CKLS cleansing system. Since 1997, we have been using this cleansing system with great results.

Here’s why:

Colon Kidneys Liver Spleen (CKLS) is a herbal combination that helps purify, strengthen, and tone each organ. Once these organs are able to operate on high energy levels, they can help bring the body back to balance and on the path to assisting other organs in the body to get on track.

Whatever your cleansing regimen is or if you haven’t adopted one yet, please get on board and starting pooping out all of the things you don’t want to be! 🙂 Happy trails…